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Understanding call/cc

I set up this blog almost eight years ago. I was learning about functional programming at the time, and chose to implement the static site building pipelines in JavaScript - with a custom made monadic CPS framework. It was the worst code I have ever written, even if it is still functional. Every single bug fix over the years was hair-pulling difficult, truly one of the worst in terms of maintainability (I am too embarrassed to link the code here).

Nonetheless, I still consider the knowledge gained in learning about and implementing an ill-advised version of continuation monads valuable. The problem was, I had forgotten about most of what I learned back then. I wrote this article as a refresher for myself.

Write a Toy VPN in Rust

In this article, we embark on a detailed journey to create wontun, a simplified version of the wireguard VPN, using Rust. The project serves as an educational exploration into the realms of low-level network programming and system administration tools, deliberately sidelining complexities like security and encryption to focus on the fundamentals of packet routing within a VPN. Key concepts such as tun/tap interfaces, epoll mechanisms, and Linux IP routing are examined and implemented, providing valuable insights into the workings of virtual network interfaces and event-driven I/O.

Analyzing Hacker News Front Page Activities

Random and mildly interesting exploratory analysis and visualizations on Hack News activity data.


Pie Chart Callout Layout with Graph Algorithms

A small exercise on a simple graph algorithm, addressing the problem of dynamic pie chart label layout: given a set of vertically overlapping labels with some non-negative weights associated with them, return a subset, such that:

  1. Labels in the subset do not overlap with each other
  2. Maximizes sum of weights among all non-overlapping subsets

Anatomy of JavaScript Method Chaining

In this article, we will try to distill method chaining to its essence, making a distinction of mutable vs immutable chaining, and draw some parallels with composition in functional programming.


Functional JavaScript: An Example of Equational Reasoning

In this article, I will demonstrate equational reasoning by focus on a key data structure in javaScript: Arrays. Alternatively, proving monad laws mathematically with javaScript syntax.


Test Population Median Equality for Discrete Distributions

Simulation based examination of various statistical tests for median equality null for discrete r.v.: T-test, Wilcox rank sum, Mood Test and Bootstrapping. Findings:

  • If we know nothing about the population, all of the proposed tests are not reliable

  • Mood Test tends to reject more often, it might be a good test for contentious distributions, but turns out to be a poor fit for discrete distributions, which can have identical medians yet fail to satisfy Mood’s Test condition

  • Subsampling/Bootstrapping tend to over-reject as well, especially when sample median is biased

  • When population mean and population median can be assumed to be equal, T Test is very robust despite its obvious theoretical shortcomings

  • Wilcox rank sum test is a general close second following T Test, and has good robustness